A Pilgrimage of Sorts – Confluence of Cultures

Kolkata has inhabited many expatriate ethnic communities like, Chinese, Jewish, Armenian, Greek, Parsi, Anglo-Indian, Buddhist etc. in its past than any cosmopolitan city would witness even in current era. During the walk we would go over the origins and remains of the varied communities which came to Calcutta largely for trade purposes.

We would also trickle our taste buds with Chines breakfast at Tiretta Bazar, while tracing out reasons of the dwindling numbers of each communities with every passing day.

Presence of Biharis, Marwaris, Nepalis, Assamese, and many such ethnic communities in abundance made this city conflation of diverse cultures. We will share many interesting stories with every step we would take and yes we will energise you with some coconut water or local chai.


  • Buddhist Temple
  • Bow Barracks
  • Fire Temple
  • Sea IP Chinese Chinese
  • Sun Yat Sen Street Church
  • Armenian Church
  • Maghen David Synagogue
  • Portuguese Church
  • Beth-El Synagogue
  • Zakaria Street Mosque

  • Inclusions :

    Entree fees, local snacks, coconut water/tea/coffee, English Speaking Guide.

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    Confluence of Cultures
    Timings : 7 am to 9 :30 am
    Availability : Throughout the year
    Price: INR 3000 per pax
    ( for min 2 pax)
    INR 5000 per single traveller

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